Tommy Murphy

Jinxed 28HR

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Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Age Group: Deceased
Lives In: Harvest Hills
Girlfriend: Caitlin O'Leary(Ex-Girlfriend)

Violet Maws (A girl he kissed)

Wife: Edna Murphy
Children: Unknown Child
Production Info
Portrayed by: Burkely Duffield

Tommy Murphy is one of the main characters in the movie, Jinxed. Tommy caused the Murphy family to be cursed with Murphy's Law. Tommy kept a diary that can be viewed here.

He is potrayed by Burkely Duffield.


Caitlin O'Leary

Tommy thought Caitlin was pretty so, at the Harvest Hills Dance he asked her to dance. Caitlin said yes and they square danced together untill Tommy kissed another girl. Caitlin was mad and when Tommy tried to apologised but he tripped and tore of her dress and everyone saw her undergarments. Caitlin was so angry and when Tommy tried to apoligize she cursed him and all future Murphy's to endless bad luck.

Violet Maws

Violet is the girl Tommy kissed which angered Caitlin.

Edna Murphy

Edna is Tommy's wife. She married him after he was cursed with bad luck. They had a child together.


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  • Tommy is the reason the Murphy family is cursed.
  • Tommy kept a diary.
  • He was the first Murphy to be cursed.