Mark Murphy

Jinxed 29HR


Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Nickname: Dad(called by Charlie Murphy and Meg Murphy)

Son (called by Grandpa)

Lives In: Harvest Hills
Father: Grandpa
Wife: Mrs. Murphy
Children: Charlie Murphy

Meg Murphy Georgia

Employment: Owns Murphy's Machinations
Production Info
Portrayed by: Donavon Stinson

Mark Murphy is the father of the Murphy family. He owns his own company called Murphy's Machinations.

He is portrayed by Donavon Stinson.


Mrs. Murphy

Mark had his first date with Mrs. Murphy at the Harvest Hills Dance. Mark got sprayed with 2 skunks that day. Mark is now married to Mrs. Murphy and they have 3 children together. 


Meg Murphy

Mark is very secretive about reversing the curse to his daughter, Meg . He always changes the subject when the topic is brought up and is worried about Meg getting to curious. 

Charlie Murphy

Mark spends more time with Charlie than Meg. Mark's very encouraging to Charlie when he needs encouragement. For instance when Charlie was doubting that people would still like him even if he wasn't cursed, Mark gave him a pep talk about how people should love you for who you are.


Grandpa is Mark's father and they share a great father-son bond. Grandpa allows Mark and his family to live with him when their house falls down a fourth time. 


Mark doesn't spend a lot of time with his youngest daughter Georgia, but when Mrs. Murphy needs help feeding her he joins in.


Mark Muphy's Galley can be viewed here.