Jinxed 35MR

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Character Statistics
Gender: Female
Great-great-grandmother: Caitlin O'Leary
Cousins: Brett O'Leary
Production Info
Portrayed by: Elena Kampouris

Ivy Murray is one of the main characters in the movie, Jinxed.

She spends her summers in Harvest Hills. She goes to school along with her best friend Meg even though they weren't always best friends.

She is portrayed by Elena Kampouris.



Ivy and Brett have a normal cousin relationship but are closer than most cousins since her best friend is her cousin's girlfriend.



(Former Enemies; Best Friend) Ivy use to think Meg was purposely trying to ruin her life. When Meg was spewed with green goo, so was Ivy. When Meg's shoe came of and hit the couch, it hit Ivy too. When the water foutain squirted in Meg's face it squirted on Ivy too. Since Ivy thought Meg was out to get her she was rude to her and nicknamed Meg "Hurricane Meg". Meg also thought Ivy was purposely trying to ruin her life by giving her rude nicknames and always yelling at her. Ivy thought Meg made up her curse and only cared about herself and ignored others, but Meg didn't try to do this on purpose infact she hadn't realized she did them. So, after they had a conversation they realized each of them didn't mean to hurt each other and then became best friends.


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