Harvest Hills
Location Maine, U.S.A
Inhabitant Murphy Family, O'Learys, Brett
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Harvest Hills is a town in Maine, U.S.A. where Grandpa's house is located. Grandpa, the Murphy Family, O'Learys, and Brett reside in this town. It was once flooded by Tommy Murphy's coin which he threw into a fountain.

Harvest Hills History

Harvest Hills is a small town that has been around for over 100 years. Every year they hold a festival that includes a dance and end with the raising of a flag. A hundred years ago, the festival ended with the dance, but that was changed. Last festival, Brett (Jack Griffo) was chosen to raise the flag.

For generations,the Murphy family has been jinxed with a 100 year old curse, if anything can go wrong it will. Meg Murphy (Ciara Bravo) sets out on a journey to break the curse and re-unite her normal life!!!