Donavon Stinson
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Full Name

Donavon Stinson



Date of Birth

August, 25 1976

Place of Birth

Rivers, Manitoba Canada





Mark Murphy

Donavon Stinson is an Canadian actor. He plays Mark Murphy on Jinxed.


Donavon Stinson has always had a knack for the comedic. Born into a family that were always telling jokes, playing pranks and just acting the fools he basically had it "bred" into him. As a young student he was always disrupting class with his outlandish and hilarious behavior and soon discovered the excitement and freedom of drama class and under the tutelage of the drama teachers he quickly knew what his calling was.

In 1997 Donavon moved to Vancouver, B.C. and continued honing his acting skills. A close friend had him audition for a role in the cartoon Heavy Gear, produced by Mainframe Entertainment and one of the first companies to utilize the growing technology of motion capture. He landed the role and quickly started getting casted in many other shows such as Spiderman, Max Steel and Barbie. After several years, many cartoons and video games later, Donavon had become the "go to" guy for motion capture in Vancouver.

The natural progression in to TV and film came quite easy to Donavon, landing his first audition for the Fox series Dark Angel opposite Jessica Alba. He followed this with roles in the romantic comedy A Guy Thing opposite Julia Stiles, the blockbuster hit Fantastic Four and the X-Files I Want To Believe. Over the next few years Donavon quickly built his reputation as a versatile actor, landing regular roles on the ABC Family series Three Over Milford and the hit CW supernatural comedy Reaper where he played the hilariously overbearing store manager 'Ted Gallagher'.

He also co stars on the hit HBO Canada/Direct TV series Call Me Fitz as the bearded slacker "Josh McTaggert" along side Jason Priestley. Donavon can also be seen guest starring in the cult favorite syfy comedies Eureka and Psych.