Charlie Murphy



Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Lives In: Harvest Hills
Sister(s): Meg Murphy


Mother: Mom
Father: Mark Murphy
Grandparent(s): Grandpa
Production Info
Portrayed by: Jacob Bertrand

Charlie is one of the main characters in the movie, Jinxed. He is the 2nd oldest child of the Murphy Family.

He is portrayed by Jacob Bertrand.

Character Description

Even though he's just as unlucky as his older sister, Charlie Murphy has learned to embrace the embarrassment that comes with it. He's taken his talent for getting into trouble and made his misfortune work for him as his wipe outs and skateboard fails helped him gained tons of online views. 


Mark Murphy

Charlie and Mark have a nice father-son relationship. Charlie learns new things from Mark everyday.

Meg Murphy

Charlie and Meg have better relationship than most brother and sisters. Charlie and Meg peform a heist and undo the curse together. Charlie helps out his sister when she needs it and they make a train together.


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  • Online he is known as SkaterFailBoy.
  • Charlie is a skater