Brett O'Leary



Character Statistics
Gender: Male
Family Members: Ivy Murray
Great-great-Grandmother: Caitlin O'Leary
Girlfriend: Meg Murphy
Production Info
Portrayed by: Jack Griffo
 Brett O'Leary  is one of the main characters in the movie, Jinxed. He is portrayed by Jack Griffo.

Brett O' Leary is a cute, popular and cool guy who lives in Harvest Hills. He has many interests and stands up for what he believes in. He is the boyfriend to Meg Murphy. He is also Ivy Murray's cousin.

Family Members

Ivy Murray

Ivy is Brett's cousin. They both live in Harvest Hills and have a friendly relationship even though there were some disagreements going on sometimes.

Caitlin O'Leary

Caitlin is Brett's great great grandmother. She cursed Meg's family 100 years ago.


Meg Murphy

Brett met Meg at the Harvest Hills Carnival while she was picking up new clothes that she had dropped onto the sidewalk . Brett picked one of the pink socks up from the sidewalk and made a cute joke. Brett began to flirt with Meg and showed signs that he liked her through his facial expression.  Brett offers to pick up some of her belongings as a cute gesture. While Brett helps Meg, Meg tries to swap a bee away and accidentally hits Brett, twice. Brett tells Meg it's okay and then leaves.
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Meg & Brett

The second time Brett and Meg cross paths is near the Harvest Hills fountain, where he asks Meg to the dance and she agrees. At the dance Meg and Brett talk and Brett signs Meg up for a raffle to win a trip to a canyon. Later on, Meg argues with Brett's cousin Ivy and Brett comes to Meg's rescue by standing up for her, He then asks Meg to dance and they have a great time. After their dance, Meg unwillingly gives Brett a coin that transfers her curse to him. 

The next day Meg tries to find Brett to get the curse back, not wanting her first boyfriend to have bad luck he doesn't deserve. Brett refuses to give the coin back, saying that Meg also didn't deserve it, but Meg insists saying that the curse is who she is. Brett and Meg kiss for their first time. 



  • Brett and Ivy are cousins.
  • Brett catches Meg.
  • Brett and Meg have a crush on each other and start dating near the end of the movie.